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How to fix broken laptop case

Many newer laptops are badly designed and have broken top cover or hinges, and we will going to teach you how to fix broken laptop case. Sometimes, only screw holders are broken and can be fixed without replacing whole top or bottom cover. This page is intended for people who work in laptop repair shops, to improve knowledge and to earn more. Also, everyone else are welcome to learn how to fix laptop case, broken hinges or plastic covers for their own computers and save money for repairs.

Broken laptop case

This is free part of whole repair case, so you can see if this is right for you. If you are interested in learning how to professionally fix laptops, you can purchase full case video, with all steps in detail and many tricks from highly experienced engineer.

So, let's start.

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Broken laptop case or broken hinges repair with free value tips!

Like always, the first thing is to disconnect battery so you can't make any damage to the laptop. Then you have to disassemble top and bottom part of laptop, no matter which part is broken. That's because in any case screws have to be loosen a little bit, so screw holders can't break again. That was tip number 1. And there is more, just read the whole text. Now, remove hinges and use wrench number 5 or 5.5 for most laptops to loosen both of them. Do this in steps, usually 1/8 of the circle, and try to rotate hinge by hands with small force. If it's too easy to rotate, top cover with screen will fall by the gravity force and this is not good. After you finish repairs, try to open screen cover and see if it can stay when shaking laptop a little bit. If everything looks fine, you can assemble laptop. If not, tighten hinges a bit and try again. Now, let's go back to repairs.

Repairing broken screw holders

Screws for 90% of all newer laptops are too small and screw holders are too badly designed that they snap too easily. This is the case for very expensive laptops, too. Beside that, screw holders are melted into plastics the wrong way! Wider side is up and narrow side is down, and it will pop-out if you put some force on screen cover. So, you have to reverse broken screw holders and this will hold the screen cover much stronger. This was tip number 2. You will need soldering iron with round or flat tip about 2 mm in diameter, to be able to make precise fixes. You should use 2 component epoxy (glue) for plastics, as it makes very strong bond between materials. There is fast and slow glue, and we recommend slow glue, so you have enough time to make corrections. It starts hardening in about 15 minutes, which is fast enough for this kind of repairs. If you need really fast fix, then use fast glue, but be carefull and precise because there is no corrections after few minutes. Both kind of glue need about 12 hours to fully harden. We can recommend Bison Epoxy for Plastic, but there are other good brands, too.

First thing is to put screw holder with wider side down onto plastic case, push it gently with soldering iron and position it right in place. It's enough just to melt it for 1 mm inside plastic case and then melt plastic around edges. Check if holes on hinges and screw holders match, and put screws gently just to check. If you just use glue, you can't put screws and you can't test if hinges can be positioned well. This was tip number 3. After melting screw holders into plastic case, put glue around them, but be carefull, it must not enter inside them. If that happen, clean it immediately with smooth wipe or toilet paper. Do this for all screw holders.

There are more important tips in our video how to fix broken laptop case, and if you appy all of them, hinges will never snap again. Everyone who purchase video will have professional support over the email or Viber and may ask anything about this kind of repairs. We guarantee that with this help you can fix almost any laptop and instantly repay the price for this tutorial and even earn on it. All other repairs are pure income.

How to fix broken laptop case

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